Easy Peasy 1.5 Is Based on Ubuntu 9.04

Linux for your netbook

Jon Ramvi had the pleasure to announce earlier today, September 8th, the immediate availability of Easy Peasy 1.5, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed for netbooks. Among the new features brought by Easy Peasy 1.5, we can mention support for many new netbooks, 3D desktop effects, faster startup times, a new look, and many more (see below for details).

"easypeasy one-point-five (or as I would say it: en-komma-fem) is finished, and it finished up real good. We’ve taken our time to iron out bugs and put in new features to again give the netbook community a great Linux distribution." Jon Ramvi said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Easy Peasy 1.5:

· Based on Ubuntu 9.04;

· Linux kernel 2.6.30 (optimized for netbooks);

· New artwork;

· Added support for more netbooks;

· A hybrid image is now available for download;

· Ability to install from a Macbook;

· USB installation support;

· EXT4 is now the default filesystem;

· Banshee replaces Songbird, as the default music player;

· Ability to run 3D applications on a 3D desktop;

· The hard-drive footprint is now smaller;

· OpenOffice.org office suite 3.1;

· Updated many applications;

· Ubuntu security updates are now available for Easy Peasy users;

...and many annoying bugs were fixed!

About Easy Peasy

Formerly known as Ubuntu Eee, Easy Peasy is a Linux distribution based on the popular Ubuntu operating system, but specifically designed for netbooks. With a very efficient and good-looking interface to help differentiate your netbook from regular, portable computers, a full-blown Internet experience with Mozilla Firefox, Java and Flash, as well as complete office capabilities through the latest OpenOffice.org suite, Easy Peasy is a good way to unleash all of your netbook's power. The extended hardware support available enables you to install and use Easy Peasy on all existing netbook models.

Download Easy Peasy 1.5 right now from Softpedia.

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