Eagle Gets Tangled in Power Lines, Needs Help Freeing Itself

The rescuers had worked for about four hours before managing to free the bird

It was not very long ago when a Bald Eagle got stuck upside down in a tree and needed help freeing itself. One other bird of prey recently went through a rather similar experience, meaning that it got tangled in some power lines and had to patiently wait for others to jump to its aid.

The people who eventually managed to free the sea eagle explain that the bird only got caught in these power lines in Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland because of the fishing hook and the nylon line that were embedded in its talon.

All in all, the rescue operation lasted for about four hours, after which the bird was taken to a local animal sanctuary, sources report.

Once veterinarians decide that the sea eagle is fit to once again fend for itself, the bird will be released back into in its natural habitat.

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