EVGA Intros Water-Cooled Version of the Nvidia GTX 590

Now that the GTX 590 dual-GPU graphics card has become official, it's time for Nvidia's board partners to start announcing their solution based on this design, and EVGA is one of the first companies to do so with the introduction of its GTX 590 Classified and GTX 590 Classified Hydro Copper models.

Both of these video cards come factory overclocked in order to improve their gaming performance as the two GF110 cores are clocked at 630MHz and the memory operates at 3456MHz.

While this may not seem to much of an improvement over the stock 607MHz GPUs and 853MHz (3414MHz data rate) memory, the increase is enough to offer EVGA a minor advantage when compared with its competitors.

Except for the slight overclocking, the GTX 590 Classified looks identically with all the other GTX 590 solutions that made it to the market until now, except for the EVGA sticker placed on the card's shroud that is.

However, the Classified Hydro Copper is a great deal different than its GTX 590-based counterparts as EVGA has decided to swap the reference Nvidia cooling solution with a water-cooling setup.

This uses a full coverage water block and back plate and the company states that its chrome plated electrolytic C110 copper base plate and 0.6mm thin-pin matrix ensures that the card is running at the lowest temperatures possible.

To separate their solutions further from the competition, EVGA also throws in an extensive bundle as the card comes accompanied by a 3DMark 11 license, a black EVGA T-shirt and a mouse pad as well as its trademark lifetime warranty that is available upon registering the product.

Pricing for the Classified version has been set at $729.99, while the water-cooled Classified Hydro Copper will set you back $879.99.

In addition, both cards are also available in EVGA's so-called Quad SLI packs that feature two GTX 590's and retail for $1,429.99 and $1,729.99, respectively.


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