EVGA Applies HydroCopper Waterblock to GeForce GTX Titan

The mighty video card doesn't need to rely solely on EK for water cooling

EK may have introduced a waterblock made for NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan adapter, but EVGA has announced a branded card bearing its own solution.

EVGA hasn't started selling the card, but it will do so soon.

Called GTX Titan Signature SC HydroCopper graphics card (model: 06G-P4-2795-KR), it was developed in collaboration with Swiftech.

The black shroud covers the whole card and the block beneath cools the GPU, memory and VRM.

A back plate dissipates the heat made by the memory chips on the back of the PCB.

Clock speeds haven't been revealed, but the SC (super-clocked) brand suggests factory overclocking. The price will probably be of around $1,300 / 984-1,300 Euro.

Many other companies have launched GTX Titan cards, all bearing their own brands. We will see to them soon enough.


GTX Titan Signature SC HydroCopper (2 Images)

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