EVGA 500B, an 80 Plus Bronze PSU of 500W

It has up to 85% efficiency and a high amperage single-rail design

For anyone seeking to make a mid-range computer, EVGA has released a power supply called EVGA 500B.

Obviously, it has a watt output of 500. The continuous power is delivered through a Single +12V High AMP rail.

It is certified to work with Intel Haswell CPUs, which means it should be able to support the low power states that the processors can enter.

That said, the 500B also gets a quiet and intelligent auto fan, plus built-in Over Power/Under Power/Over Voltage/Short Circuit protection.

As for cables, there are a lot of them, though none are modular. There's an official product page located here, but the price has to wait until stores begin listing the thing.

All in all, I'd say the EVGA 500B is aimed at people without ostentatious tastes. I can almost see it powering a mid-range CPU and motherboard, 4-8 GB RAM and a single storage unit, all held inside a mid- or even mini-tower.

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