ESPN Apologizes for Musburger’s Comments About McCarron’s Girlfriend

He “went too far” in gushing about Katherine Webb’s good looks, network says

Not even former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb was upset when she found out that veteran announcer Brent Musburger could not stop gushing about her good looks during the BCS title game between Crimson Tide and Notre Dame, but ESPN isn’t taking any risks.

After video of Musburger gushing about how “hot” the girlfriends of all quarterbacks are, especially McCarron’s, went viral, ESPN has issued an apology to all those who found his behavior somewhat “creepy.”

Above is the video, in case you missed it yesterday.

The announcer “went too far,” the network says, as cited by USA Today.

The idea is to always capture “interesting story lines [but] we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that,” the statement reads.

Musburger himself would not comment on the situation.

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