ESPN Anchors Bad-Mouth Tim Tebow on Air – Video

Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth have no idea that their conversation isn’t a private one

Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth, ESPN’s Sports Center anchors, had no idea that their conversation on Tim Tebow’s skills on the field wasn’t as private as they thought. In fact, it was broadcast live on air.

Watch the video above to see how that happened.

“But I'm going to tell you. I talked to a bunch of Broncos coaches who said ‘I just don't know if he's a fluid enough athlete to go over and play tight end’ ... they say he doesn't catch the ball naturally either,” Schlereth explains to Storm.

She seems to be in absolute agreement with him, until she’s told by producers that they’re about to go live in seconds.

The best part of the video is that neither ever realizes that their convo was airing live.

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