ENISA Publishes “Cyber Europe 2012” Report in 23 Languages

The numbers highlighted by the report are impressive

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has published a new report on Cyber Europe 2012, the largest pan-European cyber security exercise.

29 European Union and European Free Trade Association member states took part in the drill. A total of 339 organizations – including banks, ISPs, telecoms operators, and cyber security agencies – participated.

These organizations have been represented by 571 individuals who were exposed to thousands of simulated incidents.

As a result of Cyber Europe 2012, ENISA has determined that knowledge of procedures and information flows are crucial for a fast and effective response to cyber threats.

In addition, the agency found that cooperation and information exchange between the public and private sectors are absolutely necessary.

“Cyber Europe 2012 was an important milestone to build trust, to better understand the existing European cyber cooperation mechanisms, and to strengthen Europe’s cyber-incident management,” the Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Udo Helmbrecht, stated.

The complete report, available in 23 languages, can be downloaded from ENISA’s website.

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