EK's Other New Waterblock Is for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Graphics Cards

Called EK-FC660 GTX, it is the latest in an ever-growing line

  EK-FC660 GTX
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EK seems to be launching a new liquid cooling product every month now, sometime more than one at a time even. One of the two newest is the EK-FC660 GTX.

This isn't the same type of cooler as the EK-FB ASUS C5F-Z, which goes on the ASUS Crosshair V Formula(-Z) motherboard.

Instead, it is more like the EK-FC7990, in that it goes on a video card.

The name EK-FC660 GTX makes it fairly clear which graphics card that is: NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 660 series (GK106 based).

In addition to the graphics processing unit, the VRM is cooled (voltage regulator module).

EK gave its waterblock a very high flow design, allowing it to be used with weaker-than-usual water pumps. Screw-in brass standoffs make installation easy.

Up to four EK-FC660 GTX series waterblocks can be linked with EK-FC Bridge & Link system. The price is 80.95 Euro / $80.95-106.46 dollars.

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