EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition Waterblock Now Live

A high-performance liquid cooling component for AMD and NVIDIA cards

EK has launched a new water cooling system component, showing that it is probably preparing for the NVIDIA GeForce Titan graphics card, and whatever high-end video board Advanced Micro Devices will release around the same time.

The company has released a new waterblock, like it has been doing more or less every couple of weeks or so for months.

Called EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition, it was put together as part of a collaboration with HWBOT, the web entity that tracks overclocking records.

Based on the EK-VGA Supreme HF waterblock (released in 2010), it has a 20% better flow and higher cooling performance (2 degrees Celsius lower).

Another reason for this is the 100% metal construction, with a copper base (cold plate) made of the purest copper found on the market.

There is also mention of precisely milled brass coated in nickel plating finish.

Most NVIDIA and AMD video cards are supported, thanks to the mounting hole patterns of between 53 x 53 mm and 58 x 58 mm.

Furthermore, EK decided not to do things by halves, so it included all additional mounting plates, to have every base covered: Mounting plate VGA Supremacy GF560, Mounting plate VGA Supremacy GF2x0, Mounting plate VGA Supremacy HD 6770.

Speaking of which, the product box also includes an EK-VGA EasyMount HF mounting mechanism, a TIM / thermal grease Gelid GC-Extreme (1.5g syringe), an EK-VGA Supreme HF HD7970 Cu Adapter.

All in all, the waterblock bears all the signs that it will catch on with high-end customers who prefer water cooling systems to air-based solutions.

And since the air coolers of top-tier adapters are usually noisier than the others, there is definitely cause to use this alternative, especially since closed-loop All-in-One liquid coolers are few and far between, and usually tailored to specific hardware parts.

Sales of the EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition should already be underway, for a price of 73.95 Euro / $73.95-100.


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