EK Releases a New Motherboard Waterblock

For high-end platforms that just need that extra chill on the northbridge

AK would have probably loved to release a cooling solution that all motherboards would be able to use, but that isn't exactly possible when each and every mainboard has a different capacitor and chip placement.

EK decided to serve just one model this time, the ASUS Crosshair V Formula(-Z).

The waterblock, called EK-FB ASUS C5F-Z, directly cools the AMD 990FX northbridge chip and power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module.

Pre-installed screw-in standoffs allow the installation to easily be carried out.

The only downside to the new cooler is that it doesn't cover the southbridge chip (SB950). Fortunately, ASUS included a heatsink of its own, so that should be enough.

EK is shipping Nickel Acetal and Copper Acetal motherboard waterblocks priced at 64.94€, which can mean anything between $64.94 and $85.40 (exchange rate conversion).


EK-FB ASUS C5F-Z (2 Images)

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