EK Launches Waterblock for Dual-GPU Radeon HD 7990 Graphics Card

The water cooling gear maker revealed the EK-FC7990 incl. Backplate

The other day, we brought you the EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition waterblock for NVIDIA and AMD graphics card, but now we are looking at a piece of water cooling equipment much more specific in its service.

EK Water Block, a Ljubljana-based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, has released the aptly-named EK-FC7990 incl. Backplate.

It is a full-cover waterblock made for dual-Tahiti Radeon HD 7990 graphics adapters, though not all of them.

Advanced Micro Devices never actually released a reference HD 7990, which means that each OEM came up with its own blueprints.

The EK-FC7990 incl. Backplate is compatible with the adapters made by PowerColor, VTX3D and Club 3D.

For those unaware, the three brands all belong to TUL Corporation (TUL is the parent company of the other three, so to speak).

The waterblock directly cools both graphics processing units, both VRMs (voltage regulation modules) and the video memory chips.

It has a base made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality POM acetal material.

The high-flow design even makes it easy to use in liquid cooling systems with weak water pumps, while the aluminum backplate ensures the memory chips on the back are chilled as well.

For anyone seeking details, the EK-FC7990 Backplate is made of high-precision CNC milled aluminum and has a black anodized finish. It serves as aesthetics enhances in addition to heat dissipator.

Furthermore, the company included a two-slot I/O bracket, instead of a three-slot. Otherwise, it would have made it hard to install multiple video boards.

The EK-FC7990 and backplate ship with this bracket, a mounting mechanism, thermal pads and the obligatory installation manual. The price is of 169.95 Euro / $227.


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