EK Developing Waterblock for ASRock Z77 Extreme11 Motherboard

The waterblock will cool the chipset, PCIe lane splitter and VRM

EK continues to be particularly active. After releasing a motherboard waterblock and one for professional / supercomputer graphics cards just this week, another one is drawing near.

Like the former, it is a waterblock for a very specific motherboard. Here, though, ASRock is the manufacturer, rather than ASUS.

The mainboard to be serviced is the Z77 Extreme11, a high-end platform for gaming desktops and overclockers.

The name of the waterblock hasn't been revealed, but that's not completely shocking. It won't be available before January 2013 after all.

When bought, though, it will cool the chipset (Z77 PCH), the PLX PEX series PCI Express lane splitters, and the power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module.

The EK Webshop & Partner Reseller Network will reveal the price whenever sales begin.

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