EIZO Announces a Great Monitor That It Isn't Selling

The RadiForce LX300W is just there for eye candy apparently

Eizo's RadiForce LX300W is even better than I-O Data's 27-inch LCD-MF271CGBR, with its screen diagonal of 29.5 inches and all around superior specs, but we don't feel all that happy about it.

The reason is simple: EIZO is being a tease, as it doesn't plan to start manufacturing this monitor until the second quarter of 2013.

Sure, the product is made for interventional radiology, cardiology, surgery and other specialized applications, so it isn't as though there was any chance for us consumers to ever get it.

Nevertheless, the brightness of 750 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 1,100:1 (most monitors have 1000:1, regardless of the DCR) and the native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels make us wish the LED-backlit LCD was already out.

Other assets include a protective glass panel, touch-sensitive controls on the lower side, two DVI-D ports, DisplayPort 1.1 and Picture-in-Picture / Picture-by-Picture (splitscreen) support.

Organizations that think they may find use for this display can go here to see all the details and to contact EIZO if they wish to talk business.

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