EA Sports Details GamePad Features for Wii U FIFA 13

The simulation will use the touch screen to control shots and tackles

FIFA 13 is already very successful on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC, having sold more than 7 million units since launch, but the developers at EA Sports also want to make the game a leader on the upcoming Wii U from Nintendo.

This means that the development team needs to make the new GamePad controller a core element on the game’s version for the Wii U and the company now offers information on the features that will use the touch screen abilities.

The Lift and Look system means that gamers will be able to see the pitch from the players’ perspective, using the GamePad in order to judge the tactical situation but also to execute free kicks and penalties in new ways.

Shake and Shoot also focuses on the GamePad, with players able to shake the controller to initiate a shot and then to touch the screen in order to pick where to deliver the ball.

Tap and Tackle is designed to allow gamers to use the GamePad to tap an attacker in order to get him mark quick or launch a dive tackle.

The touch screen is also required for more precise passes and in order to power the management mode in cooperative modes. Yet there are also options to switch players, change positions and see the full team line-up during a match, in addition to important information about how the action on the pitch is developing.

EA Sports also says that the Player Impact Engine and the new defense and attack options introduced in FIFA 13 are the same on the Wii U as on home consoles.

In addition, the game delivers full High Definition makers and more than 500 licensed clubs.

FIFA 13 will be a launch title on the Wii U home console from Nintendo.

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