E3 2013: Nvidia Bets Big on the PC, Cloud, and Shield

The company wants the future of gaming to be based on open platforms

The main idea for Nvidia during E3 2013 is that open gaming platforms are always better than closed ones, which makes the PC, Android-powered devices, and the new Shield a very good long-term investment.

The graphics-focused company wants to continue working on the expansion of its desktop solutions, but much of its resources are now devoted to the Tegra line of chips that are being used by mobile devices.

They continue to evolve at a fast pace and, in conjunction with the Nvidia Grid solution, they will allow gamers to play top-of-the-line video games anywhere they, want as long as they can connect to the Internet.

The Grid server was green and a little menacing, like something out of one of the post-apocalyptic futures that developers have shown during E3 2013, but it's up and running in impressive ways.

I played Need for Speed: Most Wanted on a tablet with an attached controller, and then experienced some Borderlands 2 and some Skyrim on a Shield with little noticeable lag.

Some might question the utility of the Shield, but the company wants players to see it as an extension to their current gaming experience rather than a replacement for their mobile or their PC.

Nvidia admits that the streaming solution will never be suited to all gamers, but says that it is one part of the future of gaming, which is focused on openness and on portability for all content.

The company also believes that that the PC platform is at the moment more attractive than ever for developers, thanks to the newfound success of indie titles and the free-to-play genre.

This means the demand for fast graphics cards will not decline anytime soon and might even rise as more players seek to get the same level of performance they see on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

I also talked to AMD about their plans for the future of gaming during E3 2013.

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