E3 2013 Hands-On: Xbox One & Ryse: Son of Rome

The Microsoft next-gen console can clearly sustain the Crytek experience

The Xbox One is not a beautiful device but gamers will certainly judge it based on its power and the video games that Microsoft makes available at launch.

I got to play Ryse: Son of Rome at E3 2013, and the game shows what the Xbox One is capable of delivering in terms of graphics quality.

Crytek is known for pushing the hardware it uses to its limits, and the quality of Ryse is certainly impressive, with a lot of detail for the characters, ranging from Roman legionaries to barbarian enemies.

The action was always smooth, even when dozens of units were on the screen at the same time, all of them engaged in complex combat moves.

I don't particularly like Quick Time Events in action titles, but in Ryse: Son of Rome they make a certain sense because they allow players to watch the moves of the characters and take in the quality as your Roman general takes out enemies left and right.

The new Crytek game has the potential to be a system seller as long as the development team can keep combat varied throughout the experience.

The Xbox One is a solid gaming platform from what I have seen, but some questions still remain about Microsoft's policies for it, which might have an impact on its overall sales.

At its E3 2013 booth, Microsoft has also held some pretty impressive demos for the capabilities of the new Kinect device, although what works in a large well lit hall might not happen in a smaller living room space.

I have also took a look at Forza 5 running on the Xbox One and I have also seen single-player Battlefield 4 running on the Microsoft platform.

It will be out in stores at some point in November this year.

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