E3 2013 Hands-On: World of Warplanes & World of Warships

Warfare comes to the high seas with plenty of options

World of Warships might be the most complex video game that Wargaming is creating and after the hands-off E3 2013 demo that the team put together I cannot wait for it to enter open beta sometime in 2014.

The core structure of the game is similar to that of World of Tanks: there are classes of ships that players can select, each of them filled with individual ships, and they are then assembled into battle groups that fight on the high seas.

The game will allows players to get their hands on hardware from the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The first battle shown took place in the South Pacific and used a capture the flag mode while the second one shown was set in the colder waters of the Orkney islands.

Both of them used the full range of units, from destroyers to battleships and aircraft carriers, each with their unique role and their specific set of abilities to use.

Tactics matter in World of Warships and it seems that teamwork will also be crucial, with players asked to collaborate in order to first eliminate the smaller enemy ships before taking out the bigger vessels.

The team says that battles will involve 15 players on each side.

I also managed to get some hands-on time with World of Warplanes, the air combat title from Wargaming, which will be offered in beta form on July 2.

The game looks better than it did last year and the control system seems more responsive, which leads to some very cool air battles where good spotting skills and a small turning radius are crucial for success.

World of Tanks is also coming to the Xbox 360.

The big questions now is: when and how will Wargaming integrated all three titles into one huge warfare MMO?

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