E3 2013 Hands-On – Sonic: Lost World

The new level design is impressive and might revive the series

I am not a big fan of Sonic as a character and of the platforming genre, but the new Lost World game that SEGA is working on might be exactly what both of them need in order to regain fame among modern gamers.

Lost World sees Sonic the Hedgehog return to his roots with a series of levels that are inspired but not directly based on the titles from the Genesis period that used the character and his specific list of moves.

The E3 2013 demo has a series of beautifully designed areas to play through, which play with perspective and radically shift the way players look at Sonic as he explored the Lost World.

The game is fast but it's never hard to know where to go, although it can be very tricky to reach some areas and deal with some of the movement-based puzzles that the team at SEGA has created.

The new Sonic also includes new moves for the main character but they seem less important than his trusty classic set, although they might become more important as he battles the Deadly Six, the monsters that threaten the Lost World.

Running up walls is an interesting addition but it slows down the game unnecessarily.

The game experience also uses color in very interesting ways, both as a sign of where players need to head and in order to add some extra feeling to the game world.

The only potential problem with Sonic: Lost World is that SEGA is launching the game only on the Wii U home console and the 3DS handheld.

This might expose the game to a smaller audience than Sonic is accustomed to and many of the innovations of the title might remain largely unnoticed.

Sonic: Lost World will be launched on October 13 on the two aforementioned platforms.

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