E3 2013 Hands-On: Forza 5

A lap around Prague with a lovingly detailed supercar

It seems that both next-gen consoles are determined to impress potential customers with a deep racing game, and at E3 2013 I managed to take a look at Forza 5 running on the new Xbox One platform from Microsoft.

The demo offered by Turn 10 includes a Prague-based track and a selection of super cars to use in order to try and establish the best possible time.

I used the Pagani Huayra to get around the city, first using all possible drive assists that the game offers, and then disabling them for a more realistic experience.

Forza 5 feels fast, and the game really managed to simulate the incredible power that the most recent generation of supercars is offering at the moment.

Even with the assists turned on, I lost the racing line a few times and bumped into the barriers while I tried to drift around corners.

When turning them off, the car became a beast and I was almost unable to get through the most difficult corners at speed.

Forza 5 also delivers a beautifully simulated Prague, with all the historical landmarks integrated around the track, and even a chance to race across bridges and near the historic castles.

Turn 10 has put more of an emphasis than ever on the look of the crowd and on an increase in realism for the racing conditions.

The team also says that they are offering more details for the included cars than ever before, and wants them to handle as close to the real world as possible.

I was somewhat disappointed that the Forza 5 demo did not include computer-controlled opponents in order to see their cloud-powered intelligence in action for the first time.

Forza 5 will be out on the Xbox One when the console launches in November.

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