E3 2013 Hands-Off – Goodbye Deponia, Memoria, 1954: Escape from Alcatraz

A trio of adventure games with some unique mechanics

Daedalic Games is best known for its work on the Deponia series and the company is aiming to deliver a new entry for it before 2013 is done, while also introducing gamers to the San Francisco of 1954: Escape from Alcatraz and taking them to the past of the Dark Eye universe with Memoria.

Goodbye Deponia is the final chapter in the game series based on the waste world, with main character Rufus once again trying to get to Elysium with Goal and failing miserably.

The adventure title will see the main character clone himself, with three versions now roaming the game world.

This means that all puzzles involve interactions between various areas of the game and that players will have to do some innovative thinking to solve them.

Rufus is the same weird genius and continues to assign little value to anyone but himself and Deponia seems to continue to deliver solid adventure gaming mechanics.

1954: Escape from Alcatraz is a new twist on the same core mechanics, with players able to control a convict inside the famous prison and his life as they try to put together an escape plan.

The pair also has to deal with the complex realities of prison life and with the unique twists and turns of living in San Francisco, which involves gangsters and Beatnik characters.

Daedalic is also working on Memoria, an adventure title that shares a universe with Blackguards and allows gamers to play through two storylines that are 500 years apart.

The star of the game is Sadja and players will have to guide the princess through a number of stages, each of them designed to show off adventure mechanics similar to those of classic series linked to the genre.

All the titles should be available before the end of the year on the PC, both via digital distribution platforms and at retail.

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