E3 2013: Day 3 Impressions

I played Battlefield 4, World of Warships and Forza 5

I started the third and final day of E3 2013 at the CD Projekt RED booth, ready to see how Geralt has made the transition to open world for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I was impressed by the quality of the game world that the development team has shown and by the changes made to combat and monster hunting.

I then moved to the Xbox One area in order to get some play time with Forza 5, the racing title from Turn 10, and with Ryse: Son of Rome, the Crytek Ancient Era combat title.

Both gamers are interesting and show the possibilities that the Xbox One opens up.

I then moved to the Sony areas in order to play Knack and Contrast, two of the tittles that the company is using in order to show off the capabilities of the next gen PlayStation 4.

I also managed to compare the DualShock 4 and the Xbox One controller, both very well suited for the next generation of video games.

I then moved to the Wargaming area in order to see the first gameplay taken from World of Warships and to spend some hands-on time with World of Warplanes.

Electronic Arts has allowing gamers to get into 64 player matches of Battlefield 4, complete with Commander Mode.

I was a fun experience, even if I died a lot, but I was more interested in watching how the chosen commanders used their abilities in order to influence the course of the battle.

The DICE team also showed the Angry Sea level of the single player campaign, with some impressive set pieces and many ways for gamers to take advantage of environment.

E3 2013 is all wrapped up and I cannot wait to play some of the games I have seen and finally get my hands on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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