E Ink Actually Loses Money During Q1 2012

Even the worldwide supplier of e-reader screens got burned

E Ink Holdings, like more or less every other company out there, has had to look at its financial evolution.

Apparently, the company somehow suffered losses during the first quarter of the year (Q1 of 2012), after two years of constant profit.

More precisely, it was the first quarter when finances went down after 10 positive ones.

The net amount lost was NT$787 million, or $26.67 million / 20.16 million Euro.

Meanwhile, revenues plummeted 63% on quarter, while gross margin fell from 28.5% (4Q11) to 0.8%.

Prospects aren't bleak though. E Ink expects flat revenue, or maybe even a slight rise, from the second quarter, unlike, say, Sharp and Logitech, who definitely don't have much room for optimism in regards to the near future.

E Ink is the company behind the screens of more or less every e-paper e-reader out there.

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