Dying Boy Who Attempted to Achieve Christmas Card Record Passes Away

Dallas Dingus collected 800,000 cards, after a Facebook campaign

Dallas Dingus, a nine-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis from Eastern Kentucky, brought the world to tears with his desire to achieve a world Guinness record before his death. His wish was to collect the most Christmas cards.

He had been diagnosed when he was just 4 years old. As the little boy reached the terminal phase of his illness, a neighbor wrote on Facebook about Dallas' desire to conquer a Guinness title, and encouraged people to send him cards.

Dallas collected a whopping 800,000 before he passed away, this week, at Bluegrass Hospice Center in Hazard.

According to kentucky.com, Guinness is currently looking into awarding Dallas post-mortem. The last time someone was registered for breaking the Christmas card record, it was in 1990. Canadian Jarrod Booth had stacked up 205,120 of them.

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