Dutch Users Warned About Fake Vodafone MMS Emails Carrying Wauchos Malware

Bitdefender Labs has analyzed the evolution of this campaign

In November 2012, we learned that cybercriminals were trying to spread the Wauchos (Gamarue) malware by hiding it in bogus Vodafone MMS emails. At the time, the campaign was mainly targeting users from Germany and the UK, but now it appears that the focus has shifted towards the Netherlands as well.

Experts from Bitdefender Labs advise Dutch users not to download and execute the file attached to the fake Vodafone MMS notifications entitled “A new picture or video message.”

The Wauchos malware is capable of stealing files, and downloading and executing other malicious elements. In addition, it can spread to other computers via USB drives.

This particular piece of malware is not distributed only with the aid of phony Vodafone MMS messages, but also via parking receipts, and airway and hotel reservations.

Most antiviruses are capable of identifying and mitigating this threat, so be sure to keep your security software updated at all times. On the other hand, the best thing you can do is not open files attached to suspicious emails in the first place.

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