Dutch Court: Samsung Galaxy Tab Did Not Copy Apple's iPad

Yet another country that takes a stance opposite that of the US

If one ever needed to claim there was proof that the highly questioned US verdict against Samsung was fishy, the Dutch have provided it.

Back in December 2012, Samsung mostly scrapped its efforts to fight Apple's patent claims in Europe, to “protect consumer choice.”

The Dutch court still went forward with the proceedings though, as we've just found out.

The result echoes the conclusion drawn in the United Kingdom: Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not copy iPad, and neither did Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 7.7.

Now all that remains is to see if the court does what the UK one did and orders Apple to publicly apologize and withdraw its accusations.

At least this time the company will know how to do it properly, instead of having to post a second one after retracting the first.

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