Dustin Hoffman Kisses One Direction Singer on the Mouth – Video

“He told me he was going to do it,” says s Niall Horan

Dustin Hoffman deserves a big thumbs-up for doing what millions of girls and women from all over the world can only dream of doing. Check out the video above to see him plant a kiss on the mouth of one of the boys from One Direction.

They were invited on David Letterman the other night, as also was the actor.

Clearly, the sofa wasn’t big enough to fit all six so, faced with the option of squeezing in with the guys or sitting on Letterman’s lap, Dustin opted for the former.

He sat next to Niall Horan and, seemingly out of the blue, planted a kiss on his mouth.

Unfortunately, hearing Horan say afterwards “he told me he was going to do it, he put his hand on my mouth” sort of ruined the fun of it: it was obvious the whole thing had been set up in advance, he didn’t need to spell it out for us.

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