Dust 514 Beta Now Includes EVE Online Powered Orbital Bombardments

More elements of the game universes will be integrated

The development team at CCP has launched a new beta version for the upcoming MMO shooter Dust 514 which, for the first time, allows those who are playing EVE Online to contribute to the game via off-map delivered orbital strikes.

The new build is called Chromosome and CCP says that, aside from orbital bombardments, it has also combined the corporations featured in its two MMOs in order to show players that Dust 514 is an integral part of the EVE Online universe.

The official development blog from CCP states, “With this feature, DUST mercenaries will be able to coordinate devastating bombardments with EVE pilots in space ships in planetary orbit. These Orbital Bombardments have the capability to dramatically change the tide of battle, and we’ll be testing them thoroughly in the weeks to come.”

Since it was first announced, the development team has made it clear that EVE Online is intimately linked to Dust 514 and that there will be many avenues of interaction between them.

Chromosome is also the last closed beta build for the new MMO before it goes into open beta and allows any player to try it out.

CCP also says that hundreds of bugs that the player community has flagged have been eliminated recently and that performance and start-up times have been improved for both the server and client side of the game.

Vehicles physics and items have also been improved and plans are proceeding well to implement a secondary market for Dust 514 and a new inventory system.

Dust 514 will be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3 home console from Sony during 2013.

The game will use a free-to-play structure, which means that it needs a big audience of gamers in order to support those who are willing to pay for access to the MMO experience.

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