Duo Security 2FA Mobile App Enhanced to Use Hardware Security Module

The use of the HSM makes it the most secure mobile ID in the world

Duo Security has released what the company calls “the world’s most secure mobile ID.” Duo’s mobile app, which is currently used by numerous organizations for two-factor authentication (2FA), now uses the hardware security module (HSM) integrated into mobile devices in order to further enhance the protection of credentials.

“Duo's approach to 2FA is ideal because it utilizes the hardware we already have. Like most people, I always have my phone with me. Now, if my phone supports HSM, Duo takes advantage of the added layer of security,” said Charlie Miller, the world renowned mobile security expert.

By storing it in the HSM, the private key will be protected from theft or cloning even if the device is fully compromised.

This is important because many Android devices have been found to be susceptible to privilege escalation exploits.

Current customers of Duo Security will start benefiting from the improved protection mechanism immediately. A 30-day trial has also been made available on Duo’s website.

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