Duo Researchers Find Security Holes in over Half of Android Phones

20,000 devices have been put to the test by Duo Security's X-Ray

Shady Android applications, especially those downloaded from untrusted sources, can put a lot of (security) holes in your phone. However, the vulnerabilities that exist in the mobile platform itself are just as dangerous.

Researchers from Duo Security have put their vulnerability assessment tool X-Ray to the test and have found that over half of Android devices are actually exposed to attacks.

More than 20,000 Android gadgets from all over the world have been tested with X-Ray and over 50% of them contain holes that could be used to take control of them.

This study once again highlights the security issues generated by the freedom of the Android platform. Each carrier is responsible for its own version of the operating system, but they seldom rush to release those all-to-precious security updates.

More information on the topic will be presented by Duo Security at Rapid 7’s United Summit conference in San Francisco.

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