Dude, Where's My Gmail Account?

Numerous Gmail accounts accidentally disabled

Gmail, the mail solution powered by Google, is again the subject of numerous complaints filed by the users after the search giant removed numerous Gmail accounts. According to a message posted by the Gmail Guide on a Google Groups discussion, the company accidentally removed several accounts when the employees tried to identify Gmail spammers. As I reported, a multiple spam messages invaded our Gmail inboxes although the Google product is regarded as the most efficient mail solution against unwanted emails.

"We have been actively investigating a batch of accounts that were accidentally disabled and are currently in the process of re-enabling these accounts. This error occurred in an effort to target a large network of spammers to keep them out of the Gmail system and keep your inbox free from spam. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we re-enable these accounts as quickly as possible," the Gmail Guide sustained on Google Groups.

After numerous users posted on Google Groups and reported the problem, the Gmail team went to work and repaired the issue. According to another Gmail Guide post, most of the accounts were re-enabled after 48 hours but some of the users had to wait more than 6 days. "We have been diligently working for the last few hours to identify affected accounts and we have now re-enabled access for most of these accounts. If you are still seeing a message indicating your account has been disabled, please be patient and you should be able to login again very soon," it was mentioned in the post.

So, if your Gmail account shows a "Sector 6" error or "Account Lockdown" message, don't worry because the username was temporarily suspended because the Gmail team wants to identify the mail spammers.

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