Drunk Women on Plane Force Landing by Throwing a Fit

The women had one too many sips of rum, started swearing at children

When traveling by plane, one expects that the worse than can happen when it comes to passenger-caused disturbances is having a toddler yell and scream for the entire duration of the flight, or a rather talkative companion go on and on about their life.

However, it seems that alcohol consumption can also prove to be quite an issue, as two women have recently shown. To cut a long story short, these two ladies had one too many sips of Malibu rum and started behaving in a rather erratic manner.

As a result of this, the British Airways flight, which was headed from London’s Gatwick Airport to Tunis, had to be diverted and eventually made an emergency landing in Lyon, France.

A spokesperson for the British Airways later explained that, “Our customers and flying crew deserve a safe and enjoyable flight experience.”

“We do not tolerate any disruptive behavior onboard our flights,” the company's representative went on to add.

The Hollywood Gossip says that the women debuted their personality fit by swearing at children, and that later on they moved on to hiding in the lavatory in order to smoke.

At one point, they threatened a flight attendant's family (most likely because the flight attendant voiced complaints regarding their behavior) and even tried to enter the cockpit, simply because they felt the need to make the pilot's acquaintance.

“They decided they were going to meet the captain and marched towards the cockpit. It was very frightening,” one passenger recalls.

Once the plane landed, the two women were taken in police custody. The ladies are now detained in Lyon, and odds are that sooner or later they will be made to face the legal consequences of their actions.

Hopefully, they will assume responsibility for their deeds and not shift the blame on the alcoholic beverages they ingested, as five inmates from Idaho recently have.

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