Drunk Texas Woman Makes 911 Call Asking for Cigarettes

48-year-old Linda White has been charged with a misdemeanor for abusing the 911 service

A female resident of Granbury, Texas has been arrested for making prank calls to 911 dispatchers. While being intoxicated, she allegedly called the emergency service asking deputies to bring her over some cigarettes.

NBC News has published a transcript of the conversation, which is just hilarious. The woman, later identified as 48-year-old Linda White, basically makes the call, says "Hello" and gets right to the point, saying "I need some cigarettes."

As the Hood County dispatcher tries to get her name, they have trouble getting through to the drunk caller, who repeats the name "Gary Roberts" 3 times.

"No. I think I dialed the wrong number," she says at the end of the conversation.

As the caller requested a special delivery when she dialed emergency operators, she had not one, but two deputies show up at her doorstep and arrest her. I guess she is taking the whole “public servant” thing a little bit too literally.

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