Drunk Passenger Lands at JFK Taped to His Seat After Mid-Air Shenanigans – Photo

Fellow passengers do their best to prevent him from harming anyone, or himself

The photo above is of a man on a plane flying from Iceland to JFK, who had to be restrained by fellow passengers after getting drunk, getting violent towards them and yelling that the plane was going to crash.

It’s now gone viral.

“The passenger, who was on a trip from Iceland, ‘drank all of his duty-free liquor on the flight,’ tried to ‘choke the woman next to him’ and was ‘screaming the plane was going to crash,’ according to passenger Andy Ellwood,” the NY Post writes.

He also spat on everyone he laid eyes on and hurled insults.

When they saw that they could not restrain him in any other way, the other passengers taped him to his seat and then taped his mouth shut. The man spent the last 2 hours of the flight like this.

He was arrested at JFK but, the Post says, no charge was eventually made because the other passengers would not detail his behavior on flight for the authorities.

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