Drunk Man Charges at Elephant, Escapes – Video

The elephant is actually scared off by the daredevil

A group of probably plastered men have decided to send off one of their own to see what happens when you attack an elephant.

Surprisingly, nothing happened, as the daredevil was able to escape in time and the elephant looked spooked. The hero of this video is pushed by his friends to charge at the animal many times his size, showing it who's the boss.

Even though they are laughing as he bolts to do something extremely dangerous, possibly life-threatening, he still takes their advice.

He jumps out of the vehicle he and his friends are sharing while one of them catches his bold attempt on camera.

He is so determined to succeed that he fearlessly approaches the elephant and manages to scare it off.

The animal must have been impressed by his bravery or perhaps it was confused by his delusions of grandeur.

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