Dropbox for Windows 8 Crushed by Its Very First Users

The app is basically useless, most users said in their reviews

Dropbox has recently released its official client for Windows 8, but even if the app quickly recorded thousands of downloads, most users are completely disappointed by it.

While the application provides a rather smooth performance on Microsoft’s new platform, the lack of features is very frustrating for many of those who have decided to give the program a try.

Dropbox for Windows 8 is often described as an interface for the files you’ve previously saved in your Dropbox account, rather than a software solution supposed to help you manage these items.

The app doesn’t integrate download and upload features, so you can’t do much besides browsing folders and files.

“I’ve used Dropbox on my iPhone, PC, OS X and Ubuntu and this is the first I didn’t like. You can select files, but you can’t do anything with them. Text files don’t open inline. Even simple HTML or MD files. You can’t upload or sync or even download. Why even release this?” one user wrote.

“The only thing you can do with this app is view files. Can’t create folders, share files with others or more importantly, download files. Useless,” another one added.

And the long list of negative comments goes on, even though the Dropbox team will most likely release an improved version in the near future.

The application currently provides Windows 8 integration to easily share photos, files or folders through the built-in Share Charm, while the Search Charm allows users to quickly search for a file saved in the Dropbox account.

The program comes with support for all Windows 8 versions currently on the market, including x86, x64 and ARM builds, so Windows RT users, such as those who have purchased a Surface RT tablet, can also install it.

An in-depth review of the Dropbox for Windows 8 app is going to be published in just a few days, so hold on a bit more if you wish to get to know every single bit of the program.

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