Dropbox for Android 1.2 Now Available

A new flavor of Dropbox for Android mobile application is now available for download via the Android Market, namely version 1.2, which brings along a range of improvements and fixes, as well as new features.

The mobile application was released so as to provide users with fast access to their Dropbox accounts while on the go, and has seen a wide range of improvements over the past few months.

The new version 1.2 of Dropbox for Android is yet another such enhancement, though it was released only as a small update for the application.

“We just released version 1.2 of Dropbox for Android to the Android Market! We've added thumbnails in the file browser by popular demand, along with other new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements,” the development team notes in a recent blog post.

Those who will download and install the new application on their devices should provide the team with feedback on any issues that they would find, so that more improvements are included into the mix in future releases.

The changelog for the new application version includes:

- Photo thumbnails in file browser

- Folder deletion

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

- Security updates (thanks to Tyrone Erasmus).

All of the features that the previous flavors of this application came with were included into the mix as well.

With Dropbox, Android users can access photos, docs, and videos anywhere they are, all for free.

The service will sync files over various devices, including the mobile phone or the desktop computer at home. It will also save files to the Dropbox online account, in addition to having it synced with said devices.

The mobile application also enables users save photos and videos to Dropbox, or to share photos and docs with their friends and family, not to mention that they would also be able to edit docs in Dropbox.

The Dropbox for Android application is available for download from Softpedia as well, via this link.

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