Dropbox and Samsung Strengthen Their Partnership on Android Devices

The service will come embedded in Samsung Galaxy Grand

Today, Dropbox and Samsung announced plans to deeply integrate the cloud storage service in more Android devices from the South Korean handset vendor, including the Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone.

The deal builds on the previously signed partnership between the two companies, which resulted in the service being loaded on various popular smartphones from the company.

The two have already started to integrate Dropbox in various devices, including GALAXY S III, Samsung GALAXY Note II, and Samsung GALAXY Camera, and will continue to do so.

The large Galaxy Note II smartphone that was officially introduced back in August 2012 was the first smartphone to come with Dropbox deeply integrated in the photo and video gallery.

The feature allowed users to have the photos and videos that were shot with the Samsung device automatically uploaded to their Dropbox folder.

Thus, they were no longer confined to using cables or removable microSD memory cards to transfer content from the handset to a computer.

In addition to facilitating access to content, the feature also provided enhanced sharing capabilities to the owners of Samsung devices.

“Dropbox and Samsung share a common goal when it comes to connectivity across devices. We believe that the things that matter most to people should be accessible at all times,” said Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, head of Mobile Business Development at Dropbox.

“Extending our successful relationship with Samsung from mobile phones to cameras gives users more opportunities to access and share photos, videos and documents, regardless of what device they are on.”

Through extending the partnership to more devices, Samsung and Dropbox will enable even more users to have their documents, photos and videos available for access everywhere, or to share them easily across devices should they need to do so (a move which is also part of Dropbox initiative to simplify people’s lives).

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