Dropbox Pro Cuts Down Prices, Offers 1TB for $9.99 per Month

There are also a lot of new sharing options to increase security

Dropbox is trying to keep up with the rest of the gang when it comes to the war between cloud storage services by improving its offering.

Dropbox Pro customers will now be one of the cheapest options for those looking to get a terabyte of storage, although it will still be above the pricing practiced by Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business.

The company has decided to simplify its pricing structure and will now be offering Dropbox Pro for $9.99 (€7.6) a month or $99 (€75) a year for 1 terabyte of storage. Up until now, users could only get 100GB for this price, which makes the upgrade quite impressive.

In fact, half of the storage space that people can now get for $10 (€7.6) per month used to cost $50, so the move signals an impressive price cut.

Considering the differences in costs, Dropbox is offering customers that chose to pay in advance a reduction in monthly bill or a pro-rated refund for the service. The offer isn’t just available for new customers, but for the existing ones as well, so everyone just received a lot of extra storage space.

There are also a bunch of new sharing controls. For instance, Pro users will be able to add passwords for shared links and therefore create an additional layer of security so only people with the password can access the link.

It’s also possible to set expiration dates for shared links to safeguard sensitive files by limiting the amount of time they are available. Additionally, users can now enable view-only permissions for shared folders in order to control whether recipients can edit or just view the files within.

Since people can also lose devices from time to time, Dropbox has introduced a feature that helps users remotely wipe Dropbox files from a lost or stolen device while keeping them safely backed up in Dropbox.

If you forget your laptop on the train, you’re likely just as worried about the content of the hard drive as you are about the device. Now, if important files are in the Dropbox folder, you’ll be able to remove them before they become a problem by simply accessing your account from a different computer.

The cloud storage service has been trying to fight off competition, but it’s becoming more and more difficult as Amazon and Google compete in cutting down prices to the extreme. The company relies mostly on the fact that Dropbox is available on all platforms and has the best sync.

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