Dropbox Debuts Automatic Photo Uploads for Phones, Desktops Coming Soon

Dropbox is betting hard on photos and the ability to sync them to the cloud

Dropbox has revealed a brand new version of its Android app, the one it's been testing for the past few weeks, earning adventurous users extra free space. It's now available in the Android Market enabling everyone to have their photos automatically uploaded to the cloud.

This is the big new feature in the latest Dropbox app and it's what the team has been testing.

If you're an avid phone photoghrapher, Dropbox should prove rather useful, having all photos uploaded to the cloud and then synced with your computers without you having to do anything.

Along with the new app though, Dropbox also launched a brand new website. In fact, the only way to see it right now is to grab the new Dropbox Android app as the website hasn't rolled out to everyone just yet.

All you have to do is grab the new app and upload some photos, automatically, i.e. enable it to upload the photos, you don't have to do anything by yourself. After that, you'll be able to browse the new site in all its glory.

Automated photo uploads are coming to the desktop as well, it is one of the big new features Dropbox has been working on. The desktop apps aren't quite ready yet.

When they are made available, you'll simply have to plugin in your camera, your phone or even an SD card and Dropbox will be able to grab the photos, move them to the dedicated Camera Uploads folder and then save them in the cloud for safe keeping.

To help people get started, Dropbox is offering 500 MB of free space for the first automated upload from your phone. After that, photos you upload will grant you more free space, up to 3GB in total.

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