Dropbox Competitor Cubby to Go Out of Beta, $3.99, €3.03 for 100 GB

The offer is only avaialble to beta users who pay for a full year

Cubby, the cloud storage service from LogMeIn, is going out of beta soon which means people will have to start paying for it, if they want. The service has been around since spring and it's getting ready to debut paid tiers. Normally, users get 5 GB for free and that's all that's been on offer so far.

When Cubby goes out of beta, users will be able to get 100 GB for $6.99, €5.31, paid annually, or $9.99, €7.58 per month paid monthly.

However, existing users can get a yearly supply for just $3.99, €3.03 per month, again if they pay for the full year in one go.

The paid accounts get some additional features like the ability to sync unlimited amounts of data between devices, that is, as long as the data isn't stored in the cloud as well.

Another feature that sets Cubby apart is client-side encryption, which is something most competitors don't offer. This should keep your data better protected from anyone who'd snoop around, from governments to hackers.

Despite the additional features, both SkyDrive and Google Drive are cheaper for the same amount of space. Dropbox is $9.99 per month for 100 GB.

The cloud storage space is crowded and, most likely, not that lucrative. There are far more companies offering cloud storage than there are people willing to use the service let alone pay for it.

What's more, perhaps more so than for other products, this is a market where there can be only a few players, people will want to keep all of their files in one place and collaboration relies on using the same service.

What sets this apart from other similar markets is that there is real money to be made here as opposed to photo sharing app, group messaging services and the myriad of other products that were once fashionable.

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