Driving the Monster Milktruck in Google Earth

A new plugin has been released for Google Earth users

Today is the last day of Google I/O developer meeting, which is held at Moscone West Center in San Francisco. The conference was meant to offer developers using Google products a better perspective on Google's current and future applications. Unlike the previous years, this year's meeting was entitled I/O and participants had to pay an attendance fee of $400, except for students and teachers who only had to pay $50.

As we mentioned a few days back, a couple of new product releases were expected out of this event, most of them related to Google's mapping solution, Google Earth. It seems that developers attending the I/O meeting in San Francisco got a better perspective of how applications can be created to take advantage of the newly released Google Earth Plugin API. At the meeting they were presented with an example of a small application that came in the form of a Google Earth Game.

The Game was entitled Monster Milktruck and, as you might imagine, features a rather large Milktruck that users can control on the Google Earth application. The example can be considered a rather neat way for Google Earth to provide its users with important information while still succeeding in being enjoyable. For the moment, this fun Google Earth Plugin can only be used by Windows users who have to install it the first time they use it. Once the plugin is loaded, you can simply use the cursor keys to drive the little 3D truck anyplace you like. You can look at the bottom of the page for alternative locations where you can drive the truck.

These locations include "Th'Plex", "San Francisco", "Whistler", "Pismo", "Tokyo" and "Everest". When on the move, the Milktruck displays messages like : "Hello!", "Creamy", "We Got Customers Waiting", this way making the "driving" experience even funnier.


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