Driver Holds Up Idiot Sign, Her Punishment for Driving on the Sidewalk

A judge ordered Shena Hardin to hold up the embarrassing sign

Shena Hardin was caught on camera taking to the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the school bus, in September. Just a few days ago, 32-year-old Shena's trial ended, and her sentence was humiliating to say the least.

She was ordered by the presiding Cleveland judge to stand in the same spot where she didn't obey the law, holding up an "idiot" sign.

This may seem like a joke, but here is Shena now, bearing her modern version scarlet letter.

“Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus,” her sign reads.

Shena is a repeat offender. After bus driver Uriah Herron caught her on tape pulling to the sidewalk in front of him, she went and did it again, and was caught in the act. According to the Huffington Post, she had to pay a $250 (€194) fine, and her license was suspended for 30 days.

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