Drinkware That Changes Color When Rape Drugs Are Slipped In Invented

The cups, meant for bars and clubs, are to decrease drug-facilitated rape incidence

“When you're out drinking, drink smart, drink save, drink Savvy” is the tagline which introduces a new revolutionary drinkware that changes color when rape drugs are being slipped in.

A pretty genius idea! With the colorless, odorless, tasteless rape drugs now made visible, the danger people put themselves in when out drinking would be considerably decreased.

The product is not available for public use yet, since it's currently at a concept stage.

“DrinkSavvy's goal is to initially make their products available online, while also providing them free to selected rape crisis centers. Long term, DrinkSavvy would like to convince bars, clubs, and other establishments to use their products as an easy way to raise their safety standards,” the product's creators announced in their promo video.

Obviously, this is not what would eliminate rape from our society, but it's a way to fight it and it's commendable.

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