Dreyfoos Bodies Belong to Two Custodians

The remains have been recovered on campus at the West Palm Beach Arts School

Two bodies have been discovered on the premises of the Dreyfoos School of Arts in West Palm Beach.

Police have identified the male victims as two custodians at the school. The remains of Ted Orama and Christopher Marshall were discovered by staff before 6:30 on Wednesday, June 19, WPTV reported.

"It's an open death investigation. [...] That way we're not limiting to ourselves what type of investigation we are doing.

"It could turn out to be a homicide investigation later on, it could just be a normal death investigation," West Palm Beach Police spokesman Capt. David Bernhardt describes.

Palm Beach County School District spokesman Jason Shockley first confirmed that one of the men was a custodian at the school, without giving further information about the cause of death.

While SWAT teams have been called in, there is no confirmation about the incident being a homicide as of yet. The custodians were lying in a storage and maintenance area, and not a school classroom.

"I can't believe this is happening at my school this is stuff that you only see in the news like somewhere in Connecticut or in another state but I can't imagine this happening at my school right now," notes recent graduate Matthew Baquero.

The school was closed down until 3:30 p.m., when officers finished processing the scene.

The Service Employees International Union have put out a statement expressing their condolences.

"Our hearts are broken by the tragic loss of lives at the Dreyfoos School. It is a sad day for our schools, community and our workers.

"While the investigations are underway and we are anxiously waiting to know the details, our heartfelt condolences go out to the co-workers and families," states SEIU-Florida Public Services Union President Alphonso Mayfield.

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