Dreamate Bracelet Helps Insomniacs Lose the Sheep Count

The device gently massages your wrist, lowers the stress level and, probably, induces sleep

Here's something that may come to help those who often use to count thousands of sheep before falling asleep. The Dreamate device sends you to land of the dreams (or nightmares) by sending a gentle wave to your wrist.

The “good karma” wave touches the so-called “sleeping golden triangle” point located on your inner wrist (just above the "American dream" veins). Here's how it works. The Dreamate uses an acupressure technique to "retune" your biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep by massaging the key acupoints from your inner wrist. The device gently massages your wrist, calms your body, lowers the stress level and induces sleep.

Its maker says you should regain up to an additional 55-minutes of restful sleep per night. Over 80% of the insomniacs who tried the Dreamate experienced an increase in sleeping time of nearly 7 hours, while their deep sleep increased by 17% after 7 weeks of nightly use (that's also what the producer said, it wasn't me).

The safe, non-invasive, non-addictive Dreamate has no side-effects. Well, since it retails for 79,99$, you'll probably get the buyer's remorse "side-effect", but you'll get over it. I don't like saying this, but the Dreamate reminds me of the hexagonal water marketing gimmick. Anyway, if it doesn't really work, there's also the inevitable Placebo effect. And autosuggestion is way better than addictive sleeping pills that could get you into a mental hospital (not that I speak from my personal experience). Come to think of it, the wild sheep chase is not so unsatisfactory for some people.

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