DreamWorks and Fuhu’s DreamTab Tablet to Land at CES 2014

This year, children are in for a treat from one of the greatest animation studios

If you recently shopped for a kid friendly tablet, you might be familiar with the name Fuhu, the company behind the popular (among kids) Nabi tablets.

Granted Fuhu isn't a name recognized by everybody, but its latest endeavor is bound to attract the attention of animation enthusiasts, at least. The company has apparently partnered up with DreamWorks in order to create a new tablet which will bear the name DreamTab.

DreamWorks is the animation studio that brought life to great adventure movies like Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung-Fu Panda and more. I know I’m excited to see this new tablet into the wild, and Slashgear claims the slate will be ready to be unveiled just in time for CES 2014.

DreamWorks reportedly says, the device it will provide children with a “new character moment” each day for the first year they own the tablet. What that means is kids will be getting free goodies (moments) like receiving drawing lessons from DreamWorks professional animators.

The tablet will also be able to work in concert with DreamWork toys. Fuhu says that if parents want to give the device a spin too, they can do so and won't be disappointed, as the tablet will apparently boast a performance similar to the iPad.

The DreamTab will become available in 8-inch and 12-inch versions and will probably be priced around the $300 margin (although there’s no official price announced).

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