Drake and Rihanna and Are Back Together Again

After their joined performance in Paris, they also spent the night at a hotel together

Drake and Rihanna have been unusually close in the last couple of days, so much so that they're beginning to spark new relationship rumors. In fact, these are more than rumors, since insiders are now saying that the two singers enjoy a bond that goes beyond just physical attraction.

Sources told Hollywoodlife that Drake, 27, is at the moment falling head over heels Rihanna, 26, who is also sharing in the sentiment, despite her image as a tough, unattainable woman.

After the many issues she's had with former boyfriend Chris Brown, which culminated in a physical assault that left her face battered and bruised, it must be really comforting to be in a relation with a man that appreciates her.

Drake and Rihanna share an on-again-off-again relationship which lately has taken a turn more for the “on” part. “He cares about her like you wouldn’t believe,” a source close to the couple said. “He doesn’t want to see his good friend hurt or in pain. He wants her to be that ‘diamond in the sky’ she sings about.”

In fact, the two are so close that Drake calls the singer by her birth name, Robyn, instead or Rihanna, which is her stage name “When they’re together he calls her Robyn. He knows her on a much deeper level. She’s special. He sees her heart and her soul and sees her for who she is as a woman and a person, not for the image that she has to publicly portray.”

The two made fans cheer wildly when they performed together on stage in Paris, and Rihanna is said to have danced provocatively with Drake, which partly sparked the rumors they were involved again.

Wearing matching outfits and nuzzling each other, it was clear the two shared a level of intimacy only particular to couples or, better said, new couples. Of course, there are those that say this was all just an act put on to entertain the audience, but it doesn't explain why they spent the night together in a Paris hotel.

Last week, when Rihanna celebrated her 26th birthday, it was Drake again that made sure to call her up and wish her all the best, something which she apparently found very sweet and considerate. At the time, insiders said the singer was pleasantly surprised by the call and spent some time exchanging pleasantries with Drake.

Official confirmation has yet to come from either camp, but judging from their recent trip to Paris during which they have been inseparable, it's safe to say that these two are together again and loving it.

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