Dragon Mobile Assistant 3.0 Arrives on Android

The app packs location sharing, hands-free reply to incoming text messages

Today, Nuance made available for download a new flavor of its Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android devices, aimed at providing users with unique proactive assistant and location sharing capabilities.

The new application version should enable Android users to meet up with friends easier than before, while set to prove an even more intelligent personal assistant, Nuance states.

Owners of Android devices already enjoy a series of appealing features in Dragon, so as to easily access information, content, apps, music and people, or get directions through the use of their voice.

The new features packed inside the app are meant to push the functionality of Dragon further with the addition of location sharing and friend finding, or the inclusion of a calendar call assistant.

Courtesy of the new location sharing feature, Dragon provides users with the option to easily show their friends where they are, or to receive specific info on where their friends are.

Additionally, the new app flavor will automatically dial into any call set in a calendar appointment, Nuance explains.

“Dragon knows when you have a scheduled call coming up, and shortly beforehand will ask if you would like to be dialed in – if so, a simple tap gets you connected,” the company explains.

“So whether you need to dial into a conference bridge with a long passcode or a reminder to call your mother on her birthday, Dragon both reminds and makes the call for you – delivering a mobile personal assistant experience that transcends work, life and play.”

Another appealing new feature included in Dragon Mobile Assistant 3.0 is hands-free reply to incoming text messages.

The app already provided users with the option to dictate text messages without touching the phone, and is now also reading incoming texts aloud, so that users would be able to respond without the use of hands.

“Our devices are an extension of ourselves, and are quickly evolving into truly intelligent and intuitive assistants that not only act on our command, but also anticipate our needs,” said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.

“And that's what makes Dragon Mobile Assistant an exciting innovation platform, showcasing not only what's possible, but what's critical in creating truly meaningful, more human connections with the technology we rarely go a minute without.”

Dragon Mobile Assistant 3.0 is available for download from this page, with support for all devices running under Android 2.3 or newer platform releases, but only as a beta flavor for the time being.

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