Dr. Phil’s Car Stolen: ’57 Chevy Goes Missing from Repair Shop

Television personality forcefully parts ways with $100,000 (€76,242) vehicle

First Tim Allen and now Dr. Phil: the television personality had to forcefully part ways with one of his most prized collection items, a gorgeous 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible that was stolen from an auto repair shop.

TMZ reports that Dr. Phil had trouble starting the car, so he decided to have it checked out. Hours later, thieves broke into the auto repair shop and stole it.

“Dr. Phil and a friend were working on the tranny, trying to get the car to start. When their attempts proved unsuccessful, the good Doc had the car flatbedded to a repair shop in Burbank,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

The post also includes a photo of the car being lifted on the flatbed to be taken to the repair shop. The friend is behind the wheel.

“Several hours later, Phil got the call car lovers dread – the Chevy – one of the most awesome cars ever – had been stolen. The car is worth $100,000 [€76,242]. Law enforcement sources tell us the evildoers smashed a roll-up door at the shop to get at the car,” TMZ further writes

However, Dr. Phil did not even get the time to grieve: in a matter of hours, the car, along with many others, was discovered by police, who are now looking into an auto theft ring.

Dr. Phil’s Chevy and 13 other cars were discovered.

As we also reported last week, Tim Allen’s 1996 Chevy Impala was also stolen by a man who claimed to be the actor’s son and who had actually been instructed by him to take the car and drive with it all the way from Los Angeles to Denver.

The man was imprisoned but, even from behind bars, he was saying he was convinced he would not get jail time because his “father” had told him to take the car.

In a statement, Allen’s rep clarified that the “son” was actually a stalker who had been pestering him for a very long time.

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